59°30'18"N / 25°5'28.5"E

59°30'18"N / 25°5'28.5"E

Port Services

  • Navigation season - 15th of April till 15th of October
    To enter the port by car at Nuki tee 10/12, Ülgase village, Jõelähtme county, you have to call the chargeable number you find on the gate and the gate opens automatically.

    Arriving into the port by sea you have to enter the coordinates 59°30'18"N / 25°05'28.5"E into your GPS and use the traffic plan in the marina of port. the traffic plan

  • Prohibitions, obligations and restrictions in the port area:
    Scootering, fishing, feeding of waterfow, swimming, flying of drones etc (detailed information in the port regulations)

  • Partners:
    East Baltic Coast

  • Launching boats
    Slipi kasutamiseks helistada tõkkepuul olevale tasulisele numbrile ja Teile avatakse tõkkepuu automaatselt. Slipp on pikkusega 32 m, kaldega 1:7 mis ulatub 2 m sügavusele

  • Mooring
    For mooring there is a pier with 22 mooring places (this includes 10 mooring places for for visiting) for craft with dimensions L=10m, T=4m, draught up to 2,5m.

Resort Hall

Using lounge and conference-room all year round.

Accommodation and leisure services
according to the price-list.

Conference-room for up to 40 people
(O-shaped desk for up to 20 people) and using the lounge for up to 40 people.

Additional info: info@veer.ee, phone (+372) 54556000


All year round

Using repair facilities (from 25 €/hour or upon agreement, includes possibility to use 500kg telpher). Storing boats during off-season (upon agreement)



Marianne Vainola
+372 5235000

Koljunuki Sadam OÜ

59°30'18"N / 25°5'28.5"E
Reg. nr. 11507305
Nuki tee 10/12, Ülgase küla,
Jõelähtme vald, 74220 Harjumaa

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20km from Tallinn
5km from Jõelähtme Golf



Tuule kiirus: 5.8 m/s, puhanguti 7.1 m/s
Tuule suund: 98°
Meretase (EH2000 / BK77): +23 cm / -1 cm
Õhutemperatuur: 19.9 °C
Veetemperatuur: 18.8 °C

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